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Jacqueline Marie Jackson

Jacqueline is an advocate for equal opportunity. She is a proponent of best practices inquiry and an opponent of "cookie-cutter" and "one size fits all" policy and program development. Jacqueline believes the eight (8) words that impedes progress and visionary leadership are, "We have never done it that way before".

Jacqueline was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. In an effort to provide greater opportunities for his family, her father joined the Navy and the family moved to San Diego County when she was an infant. She attended pubic schools, participated in extra-curricular activities and graduated with academic distinction. At age eleven (11) she was diagnosis as legally blind.

Jacqueline received her bachelor's degree from San Diego State University. Jacqueline's family was very proud of this accomplishment because she was the second member of the Provost family to receive a college degree. In an effort to encourage her daughters to strive for a graduate school degree, twenty-nine (29) years after receiving her first college degree Jacqueline received her Master's degree in Education Leadership with a specialization in Nonprofit Business Management from the University of San Diego.

Jacqueline has over thirty (30) years of professional work experience in the nonprofit / social services sector. For several years she worked as the Director of Employment services for San Diego's Independent Living Center, Community Service Center for the Disabled. She resigned from this position when she married and moved to Nevada.

Jacqueline sits on numerous boards of directors and advisory committees. She is most proud of being unanimously elected as the first consumer chairperson for San Diego County In-Home Supportive Services Advisory Committee. Jacqueline has served as Governor Deukmejian's appointee to the Governor's Committee for the Employment of People with Disabilities. She also served on the State Superintendent's Ethnic Advisory Committee during the Honorable Bill Honet's administration.

Making a positive contribution is Jacqueline's life-long pursuit.

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