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Linda Schaedle

Linda SchaedleA California native settled in Paso Robles, with her husband, she has two married daughters, a son, and four grandchildren.Hobbies include reading, water colors, gardening, and crocheting.While in her third year of college at UCLA she was paralyzed by Guillain-Barre, and emerged from the experience with a lifelong passion for developing pathways to employment, career growth, and higher education for youth and adults of all ages, as a Human Resource Management professional, and engaging with local and statewide disability initiatives to affect change. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communications at CSUN, and entered her career as a journalist with Scripts Howard.

At Bank of America from 1994-2002, in Human Resource Management Specialist, Analyst and Generalist roles, highlighting ADA case management, return-to-work, a job retention project, recruiting, where she learned the nuts and bolts of mainstream access first hand. Later, she was recruited for aninnovative systems change initiative in the design of a paperless nationwide Human Resource Management delivery model, on a development team and later in a liaison role for Technology and Support's 30,000 page intranet web knowledgebase and the nationwide center, in a NationsBank and Bank of America environment.

Schaedle embraced the employment with disability initiatives 2005-2011 as a Disability Navigator, employed by Goodwill, Serving the People of Southern Los Angeles County, and Goodwill’s Shoreline Workforce Development of San Luis Obispo County, based at Pacific Gateway Workforce Invest Network covering multiple One-Stop centers in Southern Los Angeles County, and at the Career One-Stop covering San Luis Obispo County. Funded by Department of Labor and Employment Development Department initiatives, she designed tools, developed resources, conducted training at the One-Stops, and monthly workshops at the local Independent Living Center in Long Beach. Together, they carved local pathways for Veterans with disabilities, transitional youth, and adults of all ages.

Quarterly meetings of the Governor's Committee on the Employment of People with Disabilities during her almost 6 years as Disability Navigator, she participated in select sub-committee meetings related to the Navigator role and experience. Developing extensive Veteran disability resources through Pacific Gateway Investment Network, the strategies, tools and resources, she was invited to present to the Governor's Committee on a panel of speakers to address the needs of Veterans; she later conducted training for EDD Veteran Services Staff in a regional conference on the same strategies and resources in Anaheim, in 2009.

Engaging youth mentoring programsguided by Daniels & Associates, she served as a Mentor, and worked with local Department of Rehabilitation counselors and youth, and parents seeking more successful outcomes through the One-Stop system resources and networks. She served on the Business Advisory Committee of California Health Incentives Improvement Program (CHIIP) led by Eric Glunt, Ph.D. at the Interwork Institute at SDSU from 2009-2011. She developed a business marketing model and tools for Career One-Stops, and conducted monthly workshops on pathways for people with disabilities on sustainable employment strategies and resources on the local levels. This was distributed statewide through the Disability Navigator Program in a conference training session she conducted in 2011.

Panel presentations include theEmployer Advisory Council of San Luis Obispo County, ADA, 2012; CSUMB Annual Women's Conference, 2011; Disability Navigator Statewide Conferences, 2009, 20011; Governor's Committee on the Employment of People with Disabilities, Veteran Programs, 2009; SILC, Veteran Employment Programs and Options, 2009; The City of Glendale Conflict Resolution Training Seminars, 2004; Employer Roundtable, ADA, Southern California, 2001; Santa Barbara City College Career Seminar, 1996, and others.

Professional Human Resource Management training was obtained through UCLA/UCSB Extension Divisions, EEOC ADA mediation training through Southern California Mediation Association in conjunction with the Los Angeles Bar Association, and Loyola Law School's Disability Mediation Center; graduate studies in Conflict Management at CSUDH; ADA training through the Disability Business Technical Assistance Center ADA Coordinator Training Certification Program (in progress) through the University of Missouri School of Health Professions Disabilities Studies and Policy Center and Great Plains ADA Center.

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